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Hō’ano Breast Wellness Program

Currently this program is under development. Please inquire if interested.

At Hō’ano we teach a new model of breast care that offers a solution oriented, holistic approach to breast wellness by enhancing your physical and emotional well being.

Our signature program focuses on revitalizing and maintaining breast health by integrating various modalities that will enhance fluid circulation of lymphatic pathways and relieve tension of the upper body area. This program supports a woman's heart center by helping individuals find solutions to healing emotional patterns that may be causing distress in the body. Our program targets breast cancer survivors and women of all ages who want to maintain and improve breast health.

For your comfort your therapist will discuss with you draping options in working with the breast area.

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Program highlights

  • Personal Lifestyle Consultation
  • Wellness Counseling/Coaching
  • Heart Centered Therapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
  • Lymphatic Breast Care/ Abdominal Work
  • Open your Heart Center
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Lymphatic Based Breast Massage Self-Care Education includes Breast Caress Oil

First session 3 hours |Followup sessions 2.5 hours

The intention of this program is to create a long-term study on how this holistic approach to breast wellness may help in the reduction of breast cancer incidence. For more information call Jennifer Telford at 818-522-0417.

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"Jennifer is knowledgeable about breast tissue and works her fingers deftly and skillfully over delicate areas as she locates lymph node sites and pressure points. With a glass of filtered water both before and after her session, I feel confident that any accumulated toxins will experience a lymphatic drain! I could not recommend a more skillful or sensitive massage therapist."

Kathi W. Haleiwa, HI.