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Our Natural Skin and Body Care Products

Hō’ano Botanicals produces exceptional quality natural skin & body care products made from simple, pure, and organic ingredients. Our products are effective, innovative, and reflect one's true organic nature. Our vision is to create pure botanical blends that inspire people to nurture and care for their bodies through self-awareness.

Certified Organic Ingredients

We source our raw materials from environmentally responsible companies and individuals from the continental United States and Hawaii who use sustainable agriculture, have certified organic standards, and are conscious of not depleting the earth's natural resources. We obtain ingredients that are certified organic, ethically wild harvested, pure grade or kosher certified. Our packaging is recycable and reusable.

Effective, Nourishing Formulas

Every ingredient plays a vital role in the dynamic synergy of a formulation. We have carefully selected plant and oils whose effective, nutritive properties nourish and rejuvenate delicate tissues of the body. Our formulas are blended using simple ingredients in their natural state. This includes fresh herbs, carrier oils, beeswax, pure aromatherapy essential oils, and vitamin E. Because we don't use chemical preservatives in our products, treat them as if they were fresh food from your own kitchen through proper storage and regular use. This ensures you will benefit from the vital nutrients working in harmony with your skin and body.

High Manufacturing Standards

Our manufacturing involves a very meticulous process of extracting the plant nutrients through a gentle heat infusion in cold pressed certified organic olive oil. To ensure integrity our products are made in small batches, utilizing fresh herbs and oils, with personalized loving attention.

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What is Hō’ano?

Hō’ano is a Hawaiian word that means "to cause to form into definite shape." It is to form a clear picture in your mind of a condition or object you desire, to focus your energy on that image, and manifest the new desired state into your physical reality. We chose Hō’ano as our name to inspire an awareness that people have the power to manifest their goals and dreams, that this insight would be directed towards the good and create healing for ourselves and our planet.