Benefits & Technique of Breast Massage

Essential to every women's beauty routine is the care of her breasts. A simple and nurturing way women can encourage healthy, vibrant and beautiful breasts is with Breast Massage. Most women will experience during their lifetime conditions related to the breast. This includes premenstrual breast pain, swelling, tenderness, fibrocystic breast lumps, and discomforts with breastfeeding. Breast massage may be an important therapeutic modality for easing or preventing breast related conditions.

The Benefits of Breast Massage

  • Alleviates premenstrual discomfort associated with breasts
  • May help reduce fibroids and cysts
  • Ease lumpiness of fibrocystic breasts
  • Balancing effect on the hormones
  • Improves breast size and shape
  • Increased oxygen and nutrients
  • Eases lymphatic congestion
  • Makes skin soft, supple and resilient
  • May help reduce scars and stretchmarks
  • Encourages familiarity with one's breasts
  • Promotes relaxation, relieving internal tensions
  • Deeper appreciation and acceptance of one's body
  • Encourages lymphatic circulation for post-surgery healing

How does Massage enhance the Health of our Breasts?

Our breast tissue have specific health needs. Breast are filled with fluid-rich lymphatic pathways that have no inherent musculature so are dependent upon good circulation for optimal health. Lifestyle factors like emotional stress, tight brassieres, unnatural preservatives in food, toxins in our household cleaning supplies, and poor posture can compromise breast tissue health. Massage as we know enhances circulation and prevents the buildup of stagnant lymph fluid. Gently massaging the breasts increases oxygen and nutrients and helps keep the tissue clean of impurities.

Using a massage oil with nourishing herbal oils like those found in Breast Caress enhance breast massage by providing a smoothness allowing you to feel more in the tissue. Furthermore, the benefits are enhanced by vital nutrients of the herbs and oils absorbed in the breast skin.

Breast Massage Technique

Breast Massage is most effective when beginning with neighboring areas first. Beginning under the ears and using both hands stroke down the neck into the hollow above the collar bone between the base of the neck and the shoulder. Repeat 15 times.

1 Open up the area where the lymphatic system terminates and rejoins the blood system. This is located in the hollow spaces behind your collar bones. With two hands, using the finger pads and crossing the wrists to make this easier, stretch the skin from the outside towards the center of your neck. Repeat 15 times.

2 Open left armpit and put your left hand on head (during post- surgery healing do not raise the arm above shoulder height). Using the right hand, place a flat hand over the center of your armpit keeping your hand in one place, stretch the skin upwards in a circular fashion. Repeat 15 times.

3 Massage on left breast. Stroke lightly, stretch the skin, "like petting a cat." Move the top hand across the top of the breast toward the armpit, simultaneously moving the bottom hand across the bottom of the breast in the opposite direction, then reverse. Repeat 10 times and end with a final stroke up into the armpit.

Another approach which is not illustrated is to lift and compress the breast, creating a pumping motion or the breast may be "jiggled" with a shaking action with both hands positioned around the breast. Do one final lift and compression of the breast, then create a wave like motion toward the armpit area. Repeat step 2.

4 Self-Massage on Right Chest: switch hands and do the stroking massage on the right side, repeating steps 2 and 3. When both sides are done repeat step 1 to complete your breast self-massage routine.

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“I personally have observed what may be a balancing effect on the hormonal system from gentle massage with Breast Caress.“

“Breast Caress as the name indicates offers a perfect blend of oils that brings comfort and healing to a very important part of our anatomy, a part that itself emanates nurturance, pleasure and love.”

Dr. Lilly Cunningham., N.D., Maui

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