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Jen’s Original 12-Herb Salve

“The 12 Herb Salve is the best thing for children because it’s 100% natural. In my son’s case it works best with mosquito bites... it reduces the itching and swelling.”

Mel P., Oahu

“I use this salve after I shave and my face heals nicely and feels smooth. My facial hair is coarse and my face tends to get cut a lot even when I'm very careful. Jen's Original 12-Herb Salve provides an array of organic nutrients and vitamins to help my skin heal briskly.”

David H. Thousand Oaks, CA.

“I wanted to write to tell you how great your salve is for every kind of skin irritation I have encountered! I call it “magic salve.” I have used it on myself and given it away to many people who all tell me how great it is. I first found your product at Twelve Tribes in Haleiwa. That day, my partner went snorkeling and cut his foot on lava rock. He had a huge gash under his big toe. We cleaned it up with water and put the magic salve on under a bandage. The pain went away almost immediately and when he removed the bandage in three days the gash was gone! You couldn’t even see where he’d been cut.

One of my dogs went through a leg amputation last fall. She had a couple of areas at each end of the incision area that was weepy and quite red. I used the magic salve on it and within a few days, the area cleared and were no longer irritated. I could go on and on. I hope you keep making your blessed product for many years to come. It has been a welcome addition to my life as I am sure it has to many others.”

K.S., Colorado

“It smells good and works great. We use it for everything- scratches, bug bites, bruises, etc. There is something soulful about the way it smells; clean, rich, and healthy.”

Melissa R., Oahu

“The stuff is miraculous. I was on the verge of taking my cat to the vet, but with the help of Jen’s 12 Herb Salve the inflammation was reduced. I also have a customer that has eczema. It stopped the itchy and cracked skin disappeared.”

Steve J., Owner of Harvest Store, Winston, Oregon

“I love to apply the Jen’s 12 Herb Salve as a beauty aid for those fine age lines on the face.”

Alice T., Oahu

“This salve is really effective on skin irritations. I have used it on bug bites (it works especially well on mosquito bites) cuts, and dry skin and I have even used it on one of my dog’s calluses on his elbows. My husband used it on our other dog that has chronic skin problems and from what I can see he’s right. It seems to alleviate the itchiness. Thanks for a great product. Keep on making salves.”

Millie G., Oahu

“Your salve works wonderfully on my daughter’s skin. She has allergies that heavily affect her skin and your salve has been the best thing so far that helps relieve the irritation.”

Angela C., Oahu

“I would like to share two great stories about Jen’s 12 Herb Salve. When my grandma was undergoing radiation after a mastectomy, I sent her aloe vera and Jen’s 12 Herb Salve. She used the salve on her worst burns and it really helped. My grandma worked in a dermatologist office for over 20 years and is thrilled with the results she is getting with this product. She has even told her friend about it and they have ordered enough for both of them.”

Jennifer. P., Tucson, Arizona

“I find the 12 Herb Salve to be valuable in reducing inflammation, be it a bug bite, itchy skin, a rash, or hair follicle irritation after leg waxing (when the hair first starts to grow back). It’s very handy to have around for soothing the skin. It worked well to reduce the rash on my patient’s neck when she reacted to kinesiotape for her sternocleidomastoid muscle. My patient will be contacting you to buy a jar. I had the whole clinic looking at the jar and asking about it.“

Laurie W., Health Professional, California

“I just love your salve. It works great for dry, chapped skin and lips. It is very soothing for rectal discomfort.“

R.M., Oahu

“The ointment is great to use on any type of skin irritation! Bug bites, diaper rash or minor scrapes and skin itching! We always keep a jar in our house and would be lost without it! Once you try it, you will be sorry you didn’t know about it sooner.“

Michelle Y., Oahu

“Our family really likes using our GREEN MEDICINE (that is what we call your organic salve) because it takes away the itchies right away. Both my husband and son are especially sensitive to mosquito and insect bites and this help to prevent or reduce the swelling, itching or infection. My triplet son loves it because it doesn’t sting and says it is better than the medicine from the doctor. It is kept in the refrigerator within reach and they can just apply it themselves. I especially like that it is made of natural and organic ingredients. Since it is ’ouchless’ it is easy to use with the triplets.“

Nami D., Oahu

Breast Caress Testimonials

“A number of herbs and essential oils are often blended into breast massage oils. These can help with lymph movement and circulation in your breasts, and nurture your breast tissue. A lovely breast massage oil called Breast Caress contains the herbs calendula, red clover, comfrey root, and dandelion root, along with the essential oils rose geranium and ylang ylang. The herbs can help decongest breast tissue, and the essential oils have anti-inflammatory and tension-relieving properties.”

Excerpt from Natural Choices for Women’s Health
Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, Naturopathic Doctor, Oahu

“I am a Naturopathic Physician. I have had the pleasure of coming to know Ho'ano Botanicals products through a Naturopathic colleague who has a specialty in women’s health. I have used Breast Caress for the past several years. Everything about this product emanates a beauty of nurturance and healing, from the nurturing name to the lovely packaging and most importantly, the contents of high quality perfectly blended oils.”

“My personal experience in using "Breast Caress" has been positive in that it has allowed me the opportunity to offer care and gratitude for my breasts, something many of us women sadly neglect to do. The more gratitude, love and care we can direct to our body the greater the correlation to our good health. I personally have observed what may be a balancing effect on the hormonal system from gentle massage with Breast Caress. Breast Caress as the name indicates offers a perfect blend of oils that brings comfort and healing to a very important part of our anatomy, a part that itself emanates nurturance, pleasure and love.”

Lilly C., Naturopathic Doctor, Maui

“Performing monthly self breast exams has been a regular part of my breast care for years. But using Breast Caress from Ho’ano Botanicals makes me look forward to those monthly exams. I even do them twice a month now. The wonderfully soothing smell and smooth feel of Breast Caress relaxes me and encourages me to do a more thorough massage of my breasts. I can’t think of a better gift to myself than breast health. I just love it.”

Elaine S., Oahu

“Breast Caress offers women ultimate relief from internal tensions, their skin becomes radiant as they use this luxurious and purely organic body oil. It’s rich and intensely concentrated formulation lasts longer and offers your skin superior results.”

“I have truly benefited from your healing body oil. I sleep and dream wonderfully. I wake up calm and ready to go. You are truly gifted. I thank you.”

Carolyn B., Eesthetician, Cara Mia Day Spa, North Shore, Oahu

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